Technical writing

Webhooks - Manifold

To enable your platform to quickly react to changes in Manifold’s embedded marketplace, Manifold provides a webhook system which publishes events for certain actions in the marketplace. When one of these events is triggered, Manifold sends an HTTP POST payload to a webhook URL that’s unique to your platform. Webhooks allow you to subscribe to events to help you build your integrations — for example, when one of your end users provisions a resource, you need to load the resource and its credentials into your platform.

OAuth 2 - Manifold

Manifold Marketplace-as-a-Service uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol for authorization. In our OAuth2 implementation, Manifold obtains limited access to your user accounts by delegating user authentication to your platform. It's important to understand that Manifold acts as a third-party application installed by your end users. Once your platform has authenticated an end user, Manifold trusts the end user and allows the user to access Manifold’s embedded marketplace.

vCommander Cloud Automation Planning Guide

Your goal is faster fulfillment of service requests through self-service and automated provisioning. Our goal is to help you set up cloud automation as quickly, efficiently and painlessly as possible. This guide helps you accelerate the planning and discovery process, provides best practices, and explains the Embotics vCommander ecosystem, so that you can understand how vCommander will fit into your systems and processes.