Cloud Manager Guide - Taking Control of Public Cloud Consumption

Getting control of public cloud consumption can be like wrestling a ghost: it’s hard to pin down something nebulous. But if you’re in charge of reducing costs without hampering innovation, you’ve got to pin this ghost down. To wrestle public cloud consumption into submission, you need visibility, standardization and cost reduction. This eBook will take a look at the tools a CMP gives you for gaining visibility, implementing standards and reducing costs, while making your team more efficient and productive.

vCommander Cloud Automation Planning Guide 7.5

Your goal is faster fulfillment of service requests through self-service and automated provisioning. Our goal at Embotics is to help you set up cloud automation as quickly, efficiently and painlessly as possible. To that end, this guide: - presents questions for you to consider, to accelerate the planning and discovery process - provides best practices - explains the Embotics vCommander ecosystem, so that you can understand how vCommander will fit into your systems and processes