I thought up this melody while walking our dog, Dolly, in Hazeldean Woods behind our house. It was one of those mild days after a big snowfall, when it's foggy and damp and it stays light all night. I just kept singing it until we got home and I could record it. I wrote the lyrics about these same woods. Fox (or as we like to call them, foxen) live here, and owls, and woodpeckers, and nuthatches, and porcupines, and squirrels, and chipmunks, and the crows often gather for noisy crow parties. These woods make my life immeasurably happier.



Amid the trees

Deep in the forest

Snow on the breeze

Grey bark and white sky

Deep evergreen

Roots sending stories

Stark, still and clean

High up

A rush of wings

The silent huntress

Queen of all things

Alights nearby

To start anew

Waiting and watching

Tunnels ‘neath the snow


Rust-coloured tail

Keen eyes of yellow

Linger on the trail

Slips into darkness

Sighs into night

Connects my spirit

With the wild, the light

Ottawa, 2019