I was driving my daughter home from music lessons one night when a guy ran a red light and hit our car. We weren't hurt, but it really shook me. As we shakily exchanged insurance papers, the other driver said he felt really bad when he saw my little girl in the car. The next few days I listened over and over to Sting and Stevie Wonder's version of Fragile. Eventually that little word echoing over and over in my head became this song.


The word echoes in my head
How easily we could have been dead
We blithely race across the earth
Never ever thinking what it's all worth

A split second, and it could be gone
All the money, things, silly battles won
And much worse than the end for both of us
If it had been only you I'd lost


Get back in the car, it's perfectly safe
We climb in, you give a carefree wave
Some metal and glass between them and us
A few days ago, that seemed like enough

Hurtling down the road at 60 miles an hour
If I don't wanna do it anymore, am I a coward?
Every time I look at you I feel this fear
That suddenly your life could disappear

We're shaking as we share bits of paper
He says, I'm so glad I wasn't a split second later
When I saw your little girl in the car
I realized how fragile we are

Ottawa, 2017